The Machine to Travel in
Space + Time + Dimension is:

The Body + Mind + Soul + Spirit + Essence



►►►  TRAVEL  ►►►


When everyone in the world has:
🔺Water + Food + Shelter🔺
portals will open 

When we achieve Eternal Life +
Eternal Youth
Will money matter anymore?
Would we still need machines to transport us or just to entertain us?
We will have all the time in the world to walk from here to the moon and back!

5th Dimension

+++ MERKABA +++




Space and Natural Resources of the Universe are Infinite


We must build a Global System
For The Access To Clean Water

Building: wells, aqueducts, rivers, lakes, lakes beside the oceans coast with help of water filtration, labourers and engineers


We have to build Ecofriendly Towns
all around the world

(taking in consideration population density), build them small and apart but interconnected with a good transportation system (e. g.: Hyperloop by Elon Musk)



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