water for world peace

World Peace

It’s more about the Freedom
of the Space/Land and Natural Resources
of Planet Earth (share it)

And Individual Freedom
Learning to connect with Nature
Being able to connect with Nature
Being able to be in Nature
Spending time in Nature

+ Zin Uru

+ Global consciousness

+ That everyone has their basic needs met:

Life revolves around how and how much effort people put in to get the following:

Nature provides the above

…for everyone, in order to reach infinity and beyond

Love God Above All Else
>>> should be >>>
Love Nature Above All Else

“You are my other me.
What I do onto you, I do onto myself”.

Imagine how much

people can achieve:
🔻Learning + Teaching + Working🔻 together!!!

Paradise : Peace

Place where we can do what we want,
police and laws don’t exist

Each being will have its own paradise
the way he wants,
and we could visit the paradise of others

+ Open the gates of heaven and hell…
…and leave them open for eternity
+ Choose where you want to be
+ Change whenever you want…
…without the need to die or be born again
+ Space for Everyone and Everything
+ Experience everything imaginable and unimaginable to infinity

>> Specific Space For Wars <<

and whoever wants to be there…
…be free to choose
(let’s get a planet only for wars)

Las Palmitas beach, La Roqueta island,
Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

Harmony with Nature

The happiest state for humans is one that seeks a middle ground between
what is savage and what is “refined”.
Thomas Jefferson


The Machine to Travel in
Space + Time + Dimension:

Body + Mind + Soul + Spirit

Fission >>> Travel >>> Fusion



When everyone has:
🔺Water + Food + Shelter🔺
portals will open

5th Dimension

+++ Merkaba +++

When we achieve Eternal Life +
Eternal Youth (or the age we want)

Would money matter more?

Would we still need machines to transport us
or just to entertain us?

We’ll have all the time in the world to
walk from here to the moon and back!

Space and Natural Resources
of the Universe are Infinite

We must build a Global System
For Easy Access To Clean Water

building: wells, aqueducts, rivers, lakes, lakes next to the coast of the oceans (with help of water filtration, labourers and engineers)

We have to build Eco-friendly Towns
all around the world

considering population density, build them small and separate but interconnected with a good transportation system (eg: Hyperloop by Elon Musk)

Take both pills
to escape the Matrix
…become quantic

Show fake footage and escape

Create your own Matrix

It has to start somewhere,
it has to start sometime…

What better place than here,
what better time than now?

Guerrilla Radio

Land and Freedom!!!


Tattoo Information

A good satire next!
How to be a crook‘ – audio, video or pdf:



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