It’s more about the FREEDOM
of the Space-Land/Natural Resources
of PLANET EARTH (share it)

And Individual Freedom
Learn how to connect with Nature

Be able to connect with Nature
Be able to be in Nature
Spend time in Nature


This might not be the complete Formula, but is a ‘requirement’ to achieve world peace:


+ Collective consciousness


+ That everyone has their basic needs met:


Life revolves around on HOW and HOW MUCH EFFORT people make to obtain the following:




...for everyone, in order to reach the infinity and beyond!!!

 Love God Above All Else
>>> should be >>>

Love NATURE Above All Else


Imagine how much can 7,770,000,000+ people achieve: 🔻Learning + Teaching + Working🔻 together!!!





Place where we can do whatever we want,
the police and laws do not exist


We do not have to share same paradise,
anyone could have their own paradise



+ Choose where you want to be

+ Change whenever you want…
…without the need to die or be born again

+ Space for Everyone and Everything

+ Open the gates of heaven and hell…
… and leave them open forever

+ Experience everything imaginable and unimaginable to infinity


* Life is a Crazy Funny Party Game *



Specific Space For Wars

and whoever wants to be there… be free to choose

(let’s get a Planet only for wars)


Las Palmitas Beach, La Roqueta Island, Acapulco, Guerrero, México




The happiest state for humans is one that seeks a middle ground between what is savage and what is “refined”.
Thomas Jefferson


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